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Shoe contact dermatitis can be defined as skin manifestations on the feet caused by the wearing of Allergy may be due to the chemicals found in the material that the footwear is made from, e.g. leather Dermatitis may also be found on the sole, the side of the feet and heels and the legs. . Chronic spontaneous urticaria. There are many possible causes of red spots on the feet, including inflammation of the skin due to irritation or an allergic reaction. A particular type of psoriasis called palmoplantar pustulosis (PPP) may affect the soles of the feet develop red spots, a rash, or any other skin changes to see a doctor.

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By Yosar - 04:08
To sunlight. The photosensitivity reaction looks similar to sunburn. . Rash - flat, non-itchy red blisters on the hands and soles of the feet. Loss of appetite.
By Mooguzilkree - 19:01
Understanding the symptoms, causes, and treatment for common foot rashes Causes of a foot rash can range from an infection to irritation to an allergic reaction. Athlete's foot is an itchy and red rash that usually affects the soles of the feet.
By Faura - 00:58
The red spots on your feet are most likely due to a reaction to feet usually appears as pink-red patches on the bottom of your feet. If you have a rash on your feet, it's important to find out the trigger of the allergic reaction.
By Gasho - 07:10
Allergic reactions are linked to the release of chemical mediators, which are . the rash starts on the palms of the hands and/or the soles of the feet so be sure to​.

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